Sealing Your Interlock Driveway: Ways To Beautify Your House Immediately

Published: 04th October 2011
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Now that your beautiful patio, walkway or driveway has been installed, your interlock remains entirely unprotected. When interlocking brick remains exposed for an extended time period, there is a great chance that the pavers will be right in the face of stains, buckling and other severe damages.

Here are the Top 10 Points why sealing your interlock driveway or patio needs to be on your to-do list:
10) Brings Out the Colour on the Interlocking Brick
If you have sprayed a sealer to your interlocking brick in the past, you will know that the transformation that your interlock can undergo is unreal. If you are constantly sitting and driving on your driveway, throwing parties and meals on your interlock patio or otherwise, having polymeric sand installed into your interlock is definitely a great option for you. Polymeric sand is also named glue-sand or bonding-sand. When wet, the glue polymers in the sand become sticky and when dry, form as firm as cement. Spraying one-two coats of solvent-based interlock sealer will tighten up your bricks and keep your interlock surface strong.
6) Like-New Shine
Many homeowners are disheartened when they find out that the interlocking bricks that they paid so much money and time on are now dull, bland and an unsightly scar for their house. Pressure washing and sealing your paver stone driveway or patio will leave the surface displaying a brand-new gleam. The sun will shine and gleam off the surface, with your home inviting and cosy.
5) Rain and Ice Defence
Rain is usually a severe problem for many interlock owners. Rain water is a enormous culprit for removing jointing sand and moving the foundation of the interlock surfaces. With polymeric sand put in and sealant applied on top will repel rain as it plummets. Interlock is designed to be sturdier when put together, much stronger than any one stone by itself. By providing your driveway or patio the materials that it needs to function properly, you will reap the rewards almost instantaneously. You will stop major repair quotes and unsightly damages.
3) Easy to Clean
With a coat of protective sealant applied to your interlocking bricks, you will discover that brooming, rinsing, scrubbing and all other cleaning is much, MUCH simpler. Dirt and grime will slide off the front of your interlock like there was a force shield over your driveway or patio.
2) Protection Versus the Environment (Sun, Snow, Ice, Rain) and Oil and Gasoline Leaks
Furthermore, this coat of protective sealant prevents damage from UV Rays caused by the powerful summer Sun, mounds of snow, layers of ice and downpours of rain. Motoroil leaks such as oil and gasoline are much easier to clean after sealing has been completed. It's better to be protected!
1) Extends the Interlock's Useful Life
Most importantly, you will dramatically prolong the useful life of your interlock driveway or patio. Paver stones usually have a life-expectancy of 50 years, but this assumes proper maintenance and attention. Sealing your interlock every 2-3 years will keep your bricks sparkling as bright as the day they were installed for years to come. Impress your visitors, family, friends and most importantly yourself with your sparkling and transformed interlocking brick driveway or patio.

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